News and Announcements


The men’s soccer program traveled down the road to Lake Stanley Draper and completed a team run through the running and bike trails. The boys loaded up and left before school and made the short trip where they walked about 1/2 mile to the trail head and then took off on what was supposed to add up to about a 2 mile trail run. However, a few of the boys in the first group, quite confident of their ability to lead the way, took a wrong turn and got off track. When the first group to leave wasn’t the first group back, the coaching staff started to wonder. The boys returned saying they thought that the first group went the wrong way and the coaches went to the map. What they found was not good news for the AWOL group of boys… the turn they took would take them on a trip through 2 other trails before they would end up back at the bus, but not before completing about 5 miles worth of trail running. The coaches made sure each group had phones in case something like this happened, so the boys were never in any harm and actually seemed very pleased with their “extra effort” – as if they had gone the extra mile (in this case, 3 extra miles) on purpose.

After the the fearless leaders returned back with the group, the team went back towards the bus where the coaches broke out the grill and some food and the team enjoyed some lunch prepared by the coaching staff. They did get in some “Tam Time” while Coach Stephenson was cooking, but responded well, as usual, and put in the work that it takes to compete at the level that they want to be.

All in all, the day was a success and the team is ready to go back and do it again. Once again, SaberCats Men’s Soccer proves that they are committed to family and brotherhood as well as a higher work rate than our competitors. We love the game, but these are the memories that last a lifetime for these young men.


On August 15th and 17th, the boys started a very early day working at OU to move college students into their dorms. The boys were there to raise money to fund the purchase of new soccer balls, new jerseys, and our team trip to compete in Arkansas in March. Coach Stephenson, Coach Tam, and Coach Minshall were very pleased with the work ethic the boys displayed and the managers were just as good! We received several compliments from the company running the event as well. Starting at 5AM, the boys put in some hours over the 2-day work schedule and raised some much-needed money while also having a good time and growing as a family.